Saint Stephen Parish Centennial Committee

Saint Stephen Parish Centennial: 1924-2024
Join in the Celebration from May 2024-February 2025

Celebrate 100 Years!

There’s still time to join to celebrate and honor the history of the parish, meet other parishioners, and build community.

If you are interested,
Contact: Carolyn Reese or Rita Maddox or for more information.

Promotion and Advertising

Archives/History Committee Chairs-Marietta Bigelow and Peggy Haviland

Events Committee Chairs-Carolyn Reese and Rita Maddox

  • May 4, 2024 Matt and Edie Bryant, Greg and Carolyn Reese-chairs
    Opening Liturgy with Bishop and Reception
    4:30 Mass on May 4
  • Summer 2024 Father Scott Nolan, Dan LaVille, Bill Maddox-chairs
    Re-establish Saint Stephen Parish Community Outreach

    September 2024 Aaron Lippelt, Mark Lehman-chairs
    Parish Picnic Celebration (after Labor Day)

  • December 28, 2024 Emily Brew, Fred Vipond, Brittany Renne-chairs
    Saint Stephen’s Day Mass and Dessert

  • January/February Jackie and Paul Solberg, Paul and Rosanne Mack-chairs
    2025        Formal Closing Event and Reception

Promotion and Advertising Committee Chairs-Fred Vipond and Jeanne Walch


Carolyn Reese or Rita Maddox or