Annual Blood Drive

Blood donors make a life-saving difference. Help to make a difference. Be someone who saves lives.

Donating Details

Twice a year, in January and October, our parish partners with Versiti to host a one-day blood drive. This drive is open to all community members. You may be eligible to give blood every 56 days if you are a healthy person age 17 or older (or 16 with parent/guardian consent), and weight 110lbs or more. The entire process takes about 60 minutes.

If you are unable to donate, we are always looking for volunteers to bake cookies, bring in healthy snacks, and provide beverages to our donors.  No matter how you participate, you can make a difference.

Donating Tips

We have included some tips on how to be a successful blood donor and what to expect when you donate:

  • Get plenty of rest, drink extra fluids, eat a good meal (including iron-rich foods), and avoid alcohol.
  • Eat more salty foods than usual 24 hours before you donate (check with your doctor first if you have certain medical conditions).
  • Avoid smoking right before you donate.


Isabel Hollern