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St. Stephen Stories

St. Stephen Church and School is a community, and we all have special memories about our time here. Whether it's the baptism of your children, their First Holy Communion, Christmas and Easter Masses, or the more special aspects of gathering together for fun and enjoyment, we all have a story to tell.

As we journey through our Renew + Restore + Rejoice campaign, we've invited families to share their St. Stpehen stories with us.

Would you like to share your story? We'd love to hear from you. 

Hank & Diane Milanowski

"We need to restore the beauty and sacredness of the worship space. It’s a different feeling to walk into a church with a more historic reference to Catholic identity" - Hank Milanowski

Derek Jensen & Teresa Cereska

"I think the renovations will give our community a place to be proud of. And the fact that it benefits the school’s infrastructure and financial security makes me feel that our sacrifice will be valuable and worthwhile." - Derek Jensen

Larry and Marion Burns

"It's time to move on. We need to update the church and school so that we can be welcoming to others." - Marion Burns

Doug and J

"What’s exciting about the capital campaign is the opportunity to fix all these issues and move forward in a way that’s sustainable for decades to come. It’s about guaranteeing the future.” - Doug Klein

John and Patty Woodhouse

"I think it’s time for a change. It’s long overdue. You can only maintain something for so long before it’s time to update. We need to rejuvenate!" - John Woodhouse

Bob & Kelly Shadowens

“I’m all about pleasing the crowd, so I think the gathering space is the biggest thing. What you want is a warm, inviting space where people feel comfortable and want to come to.” - Kelly Shadowens