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12 Guidelines for Fruitful Giving

GIVE FIRST. Make the first use of my income an act of faithfulness to a loving Lord.

GIVE GRATEFULLY. Recall God's gifts and ways this money can matter for eternity. Praise Him, and remind myself of the joy and priviledge not of giving, but giving back.

GIVE FAITHFULLY. Cultivate the discipline of faithfulness regardless of how I feel at the time.

GIVE PROPORTIONALLY. Compare my gifts to no one else's, and happily give from my resources.

GIVE GENEROUSLY. It seems like a natural law, and it its certainly scriptural, that the way we give and live is measured back to us. I will give as I would love to receive.

GIVE SACRIFICIALLY. I know and God knows when a gift comes from my heart. Practice giving in a way that expresses my love for God's kingdom.

GIVE CHEERFULLY. God delights in and loves a cheerful giver.

GIVE FREELY. Attach no strings or expectations, seek nothing - particularly public recognition - in return.

GIVE PERSONALLY. Invest myself, my time and my talent. Involve myself in the privilege of returning to God with the first of all I have. Step back and allow each member of my family the same opportunity for personal involvement.

GIVE QUIETLY. Give without fanfare. God sees, and that is all that matters. Never seek to draw attention, but be prepared to explain why I give.

GIVE EXPECTANTLY. Look for ways to share my gifts, bear another's burden, or contribute my resources to God's kingdom.

GIVE WORSHIPFULLY. Our model is the Author of giving: "For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life." John 3:16