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Make Your Pledge to the Renew + Restore + Rejoice Capital Campaign!

How Much Should I Commit?

We all cannot give the same amount. But, if our gift is motivated by a genuine level of sacrifice...then the gifts are equal in the sight of God.

12 Guidelines for Fruitful Giving

The following chart illustrates the gifts needed to reach our goal. Everyone and each commitment is needed. Each of us should pray and seek the Lord's guidance on what our individual piece of the puzzle will be for our 3-year sacrificial commitment.

Giving Pyramid

Commitment Pledge Cards

Your commitment pledge card is a statement of your intent, and it may be altered as circumstances warrant. In addition to your 3-year cash pledge, your commitment can include non-cash items such as stock or bonds to enhance your cash gift. When you complete your commitment card, record any non-cash items and indicate the estimated value. Remember, your commitment should be over and above what you give to the church's regular weekly offertory.

Commitment Pledge Card (199 KB, PDF)

Electronic Giving Form (189 KB, PDF)

Once you have completed your commitment pledge form, you may place it in the weekend offertory basket, bring it to Lora Bennett in the parish office, or mail it to:

St. Stephen Catholic Church
Attn: Lora Bennett - Capital Campaign
723 Rosewood Avenue SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506