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Construction Updates

Dear Friends in Christ,

During the weekend on September 8th & 9th, we are updated everyone on how things are going with Renew + Restore + Rejoice Capital Campaign.  I think the news we shared was exciting and very well received. What’s been happening over these last few months?  Three main things:

  • Finalizing plans and designs.
  • Acquiring zoning approval from EGR and a building permit from Cascade township
  • Beginning demolition on the existing church

Perhaps you’ve seen that the demolition has revealed a few things that we were not aware were still in the church.  The biggest, and I think most exciting, of these is that we found some of the original painting and artwork in the sanctuary area still largely intact.  Some of the pictures of this are on our social media pages and now our website.  We are currently working with David Meleca, the architect, and Rockford Construction to figure out how to restore these elements and incorporate them into the design.

We hope you'll enjoy these photos!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Scott Nolan


Demolition Photos

For additional demolition photos, please visit our facebook page:

Pew Removal 8.7.2018

Pew Removal 8.7.2018

Pew Removal 8.7.2018

Pew Removal 8.7.2018

Empty Church 8.8.18

Organ & Carpet Removal 8.8.18

Interior Demolition 8.9.18

Interior Demolition 8.10.18

Interior Demolition 8.13.18

Interior Demolition 8.13.18

Interior Demolition 8.14.18

Original Ceiling Above the Altar 8.21.18