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Shepherds After My Own Heart

Our Clergy and Pastors

Over the years, St. Stephen has been lead by thirteen pastors and over twenty assosciate pastors.  Since our founding, the Diocese of Grand Rapids has seen ten bishops and two auxiliary bishops -- one of whom also served as our pastor -- and eight popes have reigned. 

Parish Pastors

May 1924-September 1936:  Rev. Leo J. Farquharson

September 1936-July 1950:  Rev. Msgr. Robert W. Bogg

July 1950-June 1961:  Rev. Msgr. James A. Bryant

June 1961-May 1966:  Rev. Msgr. Arthur LeRoux  (died in office)

July 1966-September 1971: Rev. Msgr. Edward N. Alt (became assosciate pastor)

September 1971-June 1977:  Most Rev. Joseph C. McKinney (also auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Grand Rapids)

June 1977-June 1982Rev. George J. Fekete

June 1982-June 1985:  Rev. Joseph M. Malewitz

June 1985-July 1995Rev. Thomas S. Vesbit

July 1995-July 2003Rev. Mark C. Przybysz

July 2003-July 2012:  Rev. Paul A. Milanowski

July 2012-July 2016:  Rev. Thomas J. Brown

July 2016-the present:  Rev. Scott T. Nolan

Associate Pastors

September 1936-August 1937:  Rev. William E. Powers

July 1938-July 1942:  Rev. Paul H. Schneider

June 1941-February 1944:  Rev. Robert W. Heyer

July 1942-June 1946:  Rev. Joseph C. Dunphy

February 1944-June 1948: Rev. Frederick J. Voss

June 1946-July 1950:  Rev. Edmund J. Farrell

June 1948-July 1949:  Rev. Theodore Tsiakalos

May 1949-July 1949:  Rev. John P. Hoogterp

July 1949-November 1952:  Rev. Raymond C. Sonefield

November 1952-June 1956:  Rev. Marcellus A. VanBergen

June 1956-June 1961:  Rev. William F. McKnight

June 1959-September 1965:  Rev. Kenneth A. Wing

June 1961-June 1965:  Rev. George F. Barnes

June 1965-June 1966:  Rev. David W. Gemuend

September 1965-July 1967:  Rev. Thomas L. Novak

July 1966-July 1970:  Rev. Max J. Frego

July 1967-October 1968:  Rev. James L. Fellows

July 1970-March 1974:  Rev. John T. Reardon

September 1971-February 1976:  Rev. Msgr. Edward N. Alt (retired into residence at the parish)

June 1979-June 1982:  Rev. Charlon O. Mason

June 1982-June 1984:  Rev. William G. Wittland


November 2010-November 2011:  Rev. Mr. Dale Hollern (permanent deacon; died November 3, 2011)

July 2014-June 2015:  Rev. Mr. Douglas Braun (transitional deacon; now Rev. Douglas Braun)

Vocations (Priests from the Parish)

1958:  Rev. Graham P. McDonnell, MM

1963:  Rev. John A. Neuhas

2010:  Rev. David C. Gross

Diocesan Bishops

1924-1926:  Most Rev. Edward D. Kelly

1926-1940:  Most Rev. Joseph G. Pinten

1941-1943:  Most Rev. Joseph C. Plagens

1943-1953:  Most Rev. Francis J. Haas

1954-1970:  Most Rev. Allen J. Babcock

1969-1989:  Most Rev. Joseph M. Breitenbeck

1989-2003:  Most Rev. Robert J. Rose

2003-2004:  Most Rev. Kevin M. Britt

2005-2013Most Rev. Walter A. Hurley

2013–presentMost Rev. David J. Walkowiak, JCD


1924-1939Pius XI

1939-1958Venerable Pius XII

1958-1963Saint John XXIII

1963-1978Blessed Paul VI

1978-1978John Paul I, Servant of God

1978-2005Saint John Paul II

2005-2013:  Benedict XVI

2013-present:  Francis