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Parish History

The History of St. Stephen

For 95 years, St. Stephen Parish has been East Grand Rapids, Michigan's Catholic community "full of faith and the Holy Spirit".  On this page, you will find information about how we got to where we are, and the story of our faith family as we have come to this point.

Click here for a brief history of our parish.

Clergy and Pastors

Over the years, St. Stephen has been led by thirteen pastors and over twenty associate pastors.  Since our founding, the Diocese of Grand Rapids has seen ten bishops and two auxiliary bishops -- one of whom also served as our pastor -- and eight popes have reigned. 

Click here to view the history of our pastoral, episcopal, and papal leadership.

Parish Missions

St. Stephen has had two satellite churches which have gone on to be incorporated as parishes of their own:

Photo Archives

Our parish keeps a small but growing collection of pictures that are important and telling as regards the history of St. Stephen.  Please contact the parish office if there are any photos that you think would be a good addition!

Click here to view our historical photos archive.